If you’ve got a swimming pool, you’ll want to be able to exercise and relax in it throughout the year no matter what the weather. With Calorex swimming pool heaters serviced by Central Heat Pumps Ltd, you can accomplish that. You can trust us and Calorex because:

  • Leading manufacturer of swimming pool heaters
  • Calorex official agent
  • Environmentally friendly Calorex installation
  • All units are removed and disposed of in line with government regulations.

Calorex swimming pool heaters

Carolex swimming pool heaters will allow you to enjoy those early morning swims even in the darkest days of winters.

Pool heat pumps
Calorex official agent
Calorex servicing
Calorex Pro-Pac 8-22

Calorex Pro-Pac heat pumps are specifically designed for swimming pool heating. Heat pumps are recognised as the most sustainable way to dynamically heat swimming pool water and with a Calorex heat pump you will save both energy and operating costs. The Pro-Pac X are a range of heat pumps designed to work throughout the year when air temperatures are above 5°C. Pro-Pac X heat pumps are suitable for outdoor pool heating or pools with a semi-permanent enclosure to extend the useable period of a normal outdoor pool.

The Pro-Pac Y are a range of heat pumps designed to operate in air temperatures as low as -15°C and are ideally suited for heating indoor or outdoor pools all year round.

Calorex Com-Pac 6-20

Efficient pool water heating on above ground pools for lower pool running costs. The low energy consumption coupled with high heat production makes a Com-Pac heat pump an environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool. Unlike alternative ways of heating your pool, the Com-Pac requires no fuel storage tank or high capacity electrical supply and produces no smells, fumes or CO2 gases

Calorex WA 634-WA 1234

Calorex water chillers are ideal for cooling water in a variety of applications. They can provide cold-water for showers in homes or leisure clubs, plunge pools in spas, water immersion pools for sports recovery or even water for process cooling.

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